What Are Your GOALS For 2017?

Believe it or not, some people have all ready set these goals up in their mind and they do t even know it..goals

1. Watch more TV.
2. Get out of shape.
3. Go through life content with mediocrity.
4. Take as much advice from people who DON’T have the results I want.
5. Listen to as many critics as I can.
6. Buy things I can’t afford because I “deserve” them.
7. Become worse of a person than I was yesterday.

Of course those sound ridiculous right? ¬†RIIIIIGHT? ( nod head and say yes ūüôā ) However, sadly many people are consciously chosiong to do just that already by predetermining that they do NOT want to do anything different than they have this last year.

Albert Einstein said it best: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and pover and expecting a different result.” but as many who are deciding to do the same thing over and over are often times hoping for and expecting a different result!


It’s really quite simple: ¬†To change our results we will have to change our thinking

The best way to get rid of old thinking and old habits is to create new thinking and new habits.  The best way to accomplish this is by reading, listening and associating.

Read books on success, leadership and self development. ¬†Liste to audios of the same and associate with like minded people going in the same direction as you…. FORWARD!

Keep chasing your drerams and WIN!




About Colin Sexton

I am a Fitness Specialist and Life Coach with a passion for nutrition, fitness and wellness as well as helping others make ANY positive changes to their life and lifestyle. Positive, permanent change by continued learning, regular nutrition and wellness practice which include: finances, fitness, family, friends, faith, freedom, following and fun!
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