Keep Doing It Anyway…

You may pour your heart out over and over and it’s not appreciated. Keep pourintetonfog1g.
You may serve and serve. It seems to benefit nothing. Keep serving.
You pray and pray and nothing. Keep praying.
You may do everything in your power to save them but addiction still takes them. Do everything anyway.
You start by crying out to God but end up only crying. Cry out anyway.
You may feel you’re losing the battle. Battle anyway.
You sow and sow but others reap. Keep sowing.
You give and give and they only take. Give anyway.
You’re faith is all you have and as hard as you’re clinging to it you feel it slipping. Cling anyway.
He is faithful to complete the good works He started in you.

About Colin Sexton

I am a Fitness Specialist and Life Coach with a passion for nutrition, fitness and wellness as well as helping others make ANY positive changes to their life and lifestyle. Positive, permanent change by continued learning, regular nutrition and wellness practice which include: finances, fitness, family, friends, faith, freedom, following and fun!
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